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Hatchling was founded by Christopher Driscoll.  Chris spent more than ten years practising for top law firms in New York, Silicon Valley and London.  He also acted as Senior Legal Counsel for the corporate venture capital fund, BTomorrow Ventures, Ltd.


Hatchling has two main goals -- The first is to deliver an exceptional service to Emerging Companies and Investors at a much more reasonable cost than traditional law firms.  The second is to create a new model for our lawyers where they have the autonomy to work when they want from wherever they are in the world. Autonomy = happier lawyers and better legal work.

Christopher Driscoll

UC Berkeley School of Law, J.D., 2011

Admitted in New York and California



We work with entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups ("Emerging Companies") from concept stage all the way through to exit event. We'll help you put in place shareholder agreements, navigate you through your raising investment (e.g. through friends and family, venture capital or private equity), establish ESOPs to appropriately incentivise your employees, protect your intellectual property, and much, much more. Hatch is a start-up itself so we know the road our Emerging Company clients will have to travel and how important it is to have clear, pragmatic, relevant advice.


We work with venture capital funds, corporate venture capital, angel investors, family offices, and many other types of investor.  We advise these Investors on a range of matters, including the formation of pooled investment vehicles to raise money, their day-to-day operations and governance, and the investments themselves.


We also work with small and large law firms.  Hatch can be an invaluable resource for these law firms to address particularly busy periods or times when a client’s needs are broader than what you may offer. Hatch can act as an extension of your team for as long as you need it.

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