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We understand spiralling legal fees are the enemy of Emerging Companies.  We've therefore implemented a number of measures for all our clients to ensure you can predict our fees at the outset, and that getting the right advice is not cost prohibitive.  These include:

  • A Standard Hourly Rate. We offer a standard hourly rate for all Hatchling lawyers, which is substantially cheaper than what you would pay for a First Year Associate at most traditional law firms. 

  • Fixed Fee Services. We often offer fixed fee packages for projects where the scope of work can be reasonably defined at the outset.  

  • Fee Deferral.  We offer a fee deferral service to certain of our Emerging Company clients, whereby a certain proportion of our fees are deferred until you get funding.  

  • Weekly Updates.  For larger projects we provide weekly updates (at no cost to you) to avoid nasty surprises and keep you informed of your legal spend.  

  • Transparency.  We're completely transparent on our fee structure and our margins. If you have any questions - just ask. 

How are we able to offer such competitive rates without sacrificing quality?  We're able to offer these rates for a number of reasons, including (i) our decision to structure as a legal consultancy rather than a traditional law firm, (ii) our reliance on a small team of employees supplemented by experienced independent contractors, and (iii) our use of technology that enables our team to operate efficiently without the need for a central office and the overheads that come with that.


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